Chrome Enterprise

Shifting employee preferences and evolving business expectations has inevitably led to huge growth in cloud-based working solutions, to the point where many businesses are now ‘cloud-first’ in how they operate.

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Ensure your customers get the most from their cloud experience.

Google Chrome Enterprise is the business-enhanced version of Google Chrome for devices, Chrome Browser, and Chrome OS. It enhances the standard Chrome experience, adding further security features, along with device deployment and management, and enterprise-level support functions.


Why Chrome Enterprise Upgrade?

In order to take a Chromebook and enable all the capabilities for business of the operating system, as well as allowing IT to manage the device, you need Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Note: Chrome Enterprise Upgrade was formerly called Chrome Enterprise Licence.

Secure by design

Enable your customers to mitigate costly breaches and potential for human error with multi-layered protection, such as firmware integration, centralised management and AI and machine learning driven threat detection. With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, regular controlled updates will also ensure that your customers’ Google estate is up to date with the most advanced security features.

Granular Control

With over 200 user and device policies, Chrome Enterprise Upgrade centralises management while maintaining data privacy and compliance. Your customers are able to provision and monitor their devices simply and efficiently by adjusting user permissions and preventing unauthorised access. Help your customers expand at scale, rapidly, in the manner of their choosing.

Smart Investment

Support your customers as their enterprises evolve. Simplified and centralised management results in significant annual savings per device, while automatic updates increase productivity by eliminating wait times. Without the distractions created by local-based platforms, users get more out of their day and improve their performance. By targeting total cost of ownership through reduced IT overheads and upgrade downtime, Chrome Enterprise simply gets better over time.

Chrome Browser

Give your customer the freedom to work when, where, and how they want while keeping their business data secure. 

Ultimate security

  • Safe browsing – Advanced malware and phishing protection
  • Regular updates – Protection from the latest vulnerabilities with no patching required
  • Sandboxing – Prevents malware and isolates malicious webpages
  • Site isolation – Stops untrusted websites accessing accounts on other sites

Enable users

  • Seamless access – Unified user experience across devices and operating systems
  • Thousands of extensions – Customisable browsing experiences
  • Cross-platform support – Support for users across Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and mobile devices
  • Popular enterprise apps – Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce, Workday, SAP Fiori, UberConference and more

Chrome Devices for Enterprise

Chrome devices have been specifically engineered to meet the needs of enterprises and various business sectors.

Built for the cloud, they empower workers with enterprise grade features for productivity, portability and power.

Users can benefit from:

  • Background updates install the latest security and features every 6 weeks
  • Sandboxed identities, user profiles, and OS
  • Data encryption and verified security checks on every boot up

Available as tablets, laptops, or somewhere in between, there’s a Chrome device for every style of workplace.

With devices from your favourite manufacturers including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, Tech Data are here to help you discover the device that works best for your customers.

We also have Chromebook Enterprise devices, which comprises of a Chromebook with Enterprise Upgrade built in, so your customers won’t need to purchase the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade separately.

Onboarding as a Chrome Enterprise Partner

By selling Google Chrome devices, you’re already tapping into a fast growing market, with one of the world’s leading cloud-focussed vendors.

To help take your Google Chrome Enterprise practice to the next level, onboarding as a Chrome Enterprise Partner confers significant advantages.

Access to selling the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade – available only to approved Chrome Enterprise Partners, exclusive sales and marketing tools, additional Google-specific online training and enhanced market authority as an official Google partner.