Amazon Simple Storage Service


Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), provides developers and IT teams with secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage. Amazon S3 is easy to use, with a simple web services interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. With Amazon S3, you pay only for the storage you actually use. There is no minimum fee and no setup cost.

Amazon S3 can be used alone or together with other AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), and Amazon Glacier, as well as third party storage repositories and gateways. Amazon S3 provides cost-effective object storage for a wide variety of use cases including cloud applications, content distribution, backup and archiving, disaster recovery, and big data analytics.

Key Highlights of Amazon Simple Storage Service:

Cross-Region Replication
Cross-region replication provides automated, fast, reliable data replication across AWS regions. Every object uploaded to an S3 bucket is automatically replicated to a destination bucket in a different AWS region that you choose

You can upload/download your data to Amazon S3 via SSL-encrypted endpoints. Amazon S3 can automatically encrypt your data at rest and gives you the choice of managing your keys through AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), having Amazon S3 manage them for you, or providing your own keys.

Security and Access Management
Amazon S3 provides several mechanisms to control and monitor who can access your data as well as how, when, and where they can access it.

Cost Monitoring and Control
Amazon S3 has several features for managing and controlling your costs, including bucket tagging to manage cost allocation and integration with Amazon CloudWatch to receive billing alerts.


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