Mandarine Academy

Mandarine Academy provides an online training platform (MOOC Office 365) that helps users discover new features and ways to utilise Office 365 collaboration solutions. They provide rich content to increase efficiency and effectiveness of learning. This mix of live online training, on-demand tutorial videos and e-learning helps users to adopt Office 365 quickly. Gain assistance with the onboarding of new Office 365 users, including the preparation of the online environment, deployment, and data migration. Also provide end users continued assistance on Office 365 products with the Assistance Pack.

Key Highlights of Mandarine Academy:

  • MOOC Office 365
    This Online training platform makes discovering new features of Office 365 easy. Interact directly with an Office 365 expert for guided learning.
  • Help customers from start to finish
    Support the full onboarding process, from creating user accounts, to allocating licenses, to deployment and data migration.
  • Web conferences
    Provide innovative change management to support with cost effective end user adoption.
  • Spread training over time
    90 minute remote sessions allow gradual learning to avoid too much information being given in a short period.


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