MIIMETIQ IoT COMPOSER provides everything needed for any M2M/IoT Solution; Built-in Asset Management, Identity Management, License Management and AEN (Alarms, Events and Notification Manager) with the ability to integrate with external business systems and data sets. Match and exceed your business requirements. Licenses are per-device and renew automatically to ensure no loss of service.

Key highlights of MIMETIQ IoT Composer:

Time reduction
Dramatic reduction in development time for end user IoT applications.

Includes FlexibleDS
MIIMETIQ IoT Composer includes FlexibleDS, the easiest way on the market for connecting a real device to software.

Incredible scalability
MIIMETIQ has been used for IoT projects ranging from small deployments through to very large big data projects with millions of devices.

3rd party integration
Using 3 different APIs, MIIMETIQ ensures interoperability among all elements of an IoT project, with support for over 64 communication protocols.


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